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If the science proves it we should report it. More than 9, people have been moved to temporary shelters as Mangkhut, locally known as Ompong, makes its way toward the rice- and corn-producing provinces of Cagayan and Isabela where it is forecast to make landfall overnight.

As with all topics, we must make clear to the audience which organisation the speaker represents, potentially how that group is funded and whether they are speaking with authority from a scientific perspective. In the past, too many inaccurate statements made about climate science have not been effectively challenged by the interviewer.

These may include, for instance, debating the speed and intensity of what will happen in the future, or what policies government should adopt.

Classes have been suspended and government offices shut early in more than places, while military, medical and emergency response teams were put on stand by.

About 50 Conservative lawmakers discuss ousting UK PM Theresa May: Report

The storm further picked up speed and was about km east of the Philippines late afternoon on Friday. Crop damage in a worst-case scenario could reach abouttonnes of paddy rice and abouttonnes of corn, worth Second and third contingents of rescue teams were being prepared, in case first-responders get into trouble themselves.

Super Typhoon Mangkhut is expected to barrel through the northernmost tip of the Philippines Saturday morning, carrying kph wind speeds, and gusts of up to kph, that it has maintained since it struck Micronesia earlier in the week.

The move follows a series of apologies and censures for failing to challenge climate sceptics during interviews, including Nigel Lawson.

Hong Kong, China brace for super Typhoon Mangkhut

It includes a statement of BBC editorial policy that begins: The BBC was wrong in my view to scrap the science seminars that it set up in — very few producers and presenters have a science background.

The coastguard said about 5, passengers were stranded at several ports by the impending storm, which will head on towards Hong Kong, China and Vietnam. The briefing note does not completely rule out including climate sceptics in BBC coverage: We urge broadcasters to move on, as we are doing.

Authorities are taking extra precautions as they draw comparison with Typhoon Haiyan, which devastated central areas of the archipelago inand killed 6, people, many in storm surges that reached as high as eight meters.

Philippines braces for ‘very destructive’ typhoon

The four-page briefing note sent by Unsworth starts with a blunt statement on the science: The referee has spoken. There are plenty of vital debates to be had around climate chaos and what to do about it; this is simply no longer one of them.

That could result in tightness in the domestic rice supplies at a time when retail prices are already high, compounding worries about inflation. The regulator Ofcom subsequently ruled the BBC had breached broadcasting rules. Video posted on social media by Cagayan residents showed trees being whipped by fierce winds under dark gray skies as rain lashed down on buildings.

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Live from Singapore, the essential business news as it breaks and a look ahead to the news that will shape the business day. (BBC World News,). The lawmakers, part of the European Research Group (ERG), an anti-EU grouping in May's Conservative party, met on Tuesday night and openly discussed May's future as leader, the BBC said citing an unnamed source.

Asia business report bbc world news
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